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Hello World. Iʼm Susanna, 25 years old, been married for FOUR years + I lived as a missionary overseas in Guatemala for FIVE years. I'm currently in nursing school, and maybe one day I'll find myself overseas again. 
My husband, Lionel, [spelled like Lionel Richie. Pronounced like "Lee - Oh - Nel"] served alongside me on the mission field. He's great at coming up with new ideas to help people. He doesn't think he's anything special, but obviously I think he's the best thing since sliced bread. He's so smart and kind and truly wants the best for all that he comes into contact with. Anyway, I could talk about my husband forever, but I'll keep it short and I'll try to only be a little mushy. He's the greatest supporter in my life. Every single idea that pops into my heart and comes out of my mouth he says, "Okay let's figure out how we can do that." I couldn't do this whole life thing without him [and Jesus].

Me...I'm just Susanna [last name Sosa]. I fell in love with missions at 15 years old and fell in love with Guatemala at 16. I like Spanish more than I like English. [I should speak it more though.] Street food [In ALL of Central America] is better than anything you can buy at a restaurant. Thrift stores are my favorite places to shop. And Guatemalan fairs are so fun they should be illegal. Iʼm young but I have stories to tell! Weʼre all over the world, weʼre different races and genders, but thereʼs one thing we all have in common; we are people and we are here to love.